Data Recovery Tips

Data Recovery Tips

Data loss is a situation which no one would like to face. In case of data loss, first analyze the cause of data loss. There are various reasons like power surges, mechanical failure, software corruption, virus attacks, hard drive crashes, simple file system corruption, or even natural disasters. Data loss conditions should be handled with great care otherwise the situation may become more critical.

What ever may be the reason for data loss, Mass Data Recovery can help!


Some simple tips to be followed in case of data loss:

  • Do not attempt to recover data using a software utility program without any technical knowledge.
  • Do not try to open the hard drive, as the dust particles will further damage it.
  • Do not expose hard drive to extreme temperature.
  • Turn off the computer if the hard drive is making a clicking buzzing sounds and do not try to restart it.
  • Do not install any new software after data loss.
  • Do not run ScanDisk.
  • Do not attempt to format the drive or change the partitions.
  • Do not hit, shake or drop the hard drive.


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