Hard Drive Password Removal

Hard Drive Password Removal Service

Mass Data Recovery can perform Hard Drive Password Removal from both desktop and laptop hard drives of any size or format!

All hard disk drives have the ability to set a hardware password. This makes the drive completely inaccessible unless the correct password is provided during the BIOS POST test. When you set a hard drive password on your notebook, the drive becomes locked as well. Xbox gaming consoles and some desktop computers can also lock hard disk drives. This is usually called “HDD password” or “ATA password”.

If you forget the original HDD password, there is no way to restore it using generic system tools. Mass Data Recovery uses proprietary unlocking algorithms, which allow us to remove an unknown HDD password and make hard drives usable again. In most cases, we are able to remove the hard drive’s password while keeping your data safe!

What to Expect:

The initial evaluation usually takes between 1-3 business days depending on the extent of the damage. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will receive an exact quote for the recovery.  We will also provide you with the estimated time to completion and probable success rate. You can stop by anytime.  An appointment is not required.

Questions about our Data Recovery and Pricing?

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